Terms and Conditions Agreement.


By using PHARMASEE Website or Mobile Application, you signify your assent to these Terms and Conditions. If you do not agree to all of these Terms and Conditions, do not use PHARMASEE SERVCIES.

PHARMASEE Company Limited (hereinafter referred to as "We" or "PHARMASEE") is the owner and administrator of PHARMASEE Website or Mobile Application ("Platform") ") that are intended for use by qualified healthcare professionals or students and for medical educational and research purposes only. User of the Platform, whether accessed by mobile phone, tablet or other devices, must accept the Terms and Conditions. User is required to thoroughly read through this Terms and Conditions before accessing the Platform; and by accessing the Platform, such User will be deemed to have accepted the Terms of Services, which effect legal binding between the Company and the User. This includes giving of the User’s consent so that the PHARMASEE may collect, use, and/or perform any actions with the information, photographs, video, or any other materials that created on the Platform to improve quality of PHRAMASEE services and experience of users. If you do not accept this Terms of Service herein, please do not access the Platform.


The meaning of the terms used in the Terms and Conditions shall be as defined in each of the following items.

"Platform" means the website or Mobile Application that are managed and operated by PHARMASEE.

"Services" means any and all services on, or provided by, the Platform, whether or not such services are also provided or delivered by other means or media such as software or wireless devices;

"User Account" means any account created by the User, through a registration or sign up process for the purpose of accessing or using certain Services on the Platform.

"User Name" means a unique name for each User issued by PHARMASEE upon use of the Service in order to identify Users.

"Password" means a character string for identifying Users through a cross-check with the User Name upon use of the Platform.

"User(s)" means a user of the Platform who is authenticated based on the User Name and the Password.

"Platform Content" means any and all human readable patent audio and/or visual element of the Platform, created and/or owned by PHARMASEE.

Amendment to the Terms and Conditions.

PHARMASEE may amend the Terms and Conditions at any time when PHARMASEE deems necessary without notice, User shall check the Terms and Conditions regularly to ensure User understand the Terms and Conditions that apply at that time.

Unless separately prescribed by PHARMASEE, the amendment of the Terms and Conditions shall come into force at the time that the amended Terms and Conditions is displayed on the Platform. In such case, the amended Terms and Conditions shall apply for the use of the Platform.

License to Use the Platform.

PHARMASEE grants the User a revocable, non-exclusive, non-transferable, limited rights and licenses to access and use the Platform only as expressly permitted in the Terms and Conditions.

User shall not interfere or attempt to interfere with the operation of the Platform in any way through any means or device including but not limited to, spamming, hacking, uploading computer viruses or time bombs, or any other means expressly prohibited by any provision of these Terms or by law.

Survey and Research.

From time to time, PHARMASEE will partner third party to conduct a survey or provide a platform for User who is a doctor or academic professional to register as a clinical study for research purposes. User may receive offers to participate in PHARMASEE survey or research. User may be invited to participate in the survey or research through an email invitation, on-Platform pop-up or some other means.

User agrees that all disclosure of information, responses thereto and Response Data (defined below) will comply with the survey or research terms and conditions and PHARMASEE Privacy Policy under which it was collected and all applicable laws or regulations relating to such Response Data and the persons from whom it is collected. "Response Data" means data obtained from User responding to and/or having received a survey or research from PHARMASEE. PHARMASEE further agrees and warrants that its collection and use of Response Data from the User comports with its Privacy Policy and comports with all applicable laws.

Each survey or research may have its own terms and conditions, which User must read and agree to before participating in the Survey.

Maintaining your information

The Company recognizes the importance of maintaining your personal

information and privacy. The Company will only maintain your personal information

for the purpose of providing services of the System to you, as well as development of

services, in order to better answer the demands of the System’s User.

Your personal information will be maintain as best as possible, in accordance with the

Company’s guideline on maintain confidential information, as follow.

Your personal information will be kept as confidential, in accordance with the law’s

regulation. The Company may reveal some information and data from usage of the

System, which have been collected as necessary, for the purpose of improving the

quality of medication care services to the User of medical institutes, healthcare

providers, pharmaceuticals, or healthcare related agencies. Also, the Company may

reveal your information if it is requested to do so, pertaining to the following cases.

• Following legitimate order of the court, government authority and agency,

once it has been requested; for the purpose of legal processing, or any other

purposes, as the law requires.

• Following the request from your medical institute or healthcare provider, that

you are receiving medical attention, as state in the System

• Following the request from you or your representative, where you give

permission so the Company may reveal such information.


User Content refers to all the content (your text inputs, picture, or others) resulting from uploads, downloads, releases or other activities through the Platform You are solely responsible for such content, and bear all risks that result from your disclosure of such User Content.

Once you upload, release or engage in activities through the platform, you automatically grant to PHRAMASEE an irrevocable, non-exclusive, sub-licensable, transferrable and royalty-free global license to:

Use your User Content for the purposes of improving PHARMASEE services on the Platform. We may also copy, publish, display, make derivative works and/or incorporate into other works and you authorize us the transferrable permission for the preceding subject matter; Copy and publish your content only to designated receiver; You agree that you irrevocably waive any and all ownership, legal and moral rights to your user content.

Prohibited Matters

The Platform prohibits the following acts upon the use of the Platform. If PHARMASEE confirms that a User is conducting any of the prohibited acts, PHARMASEE may, at its own discretion, take necessary and appropriate measures such as warning to the User, and deletion of the user registration. The authority to decide the measures to be taken shall solely belong to PHARMASEE, and PHARMASEE shall not accept any inquiries or complaints concerning PHARMASEE's decision.

Act that infringes or may infringe patent rights, utility model rights, design rights, trademark rights, copyrights, trade secrets and other intellectual property rights of PHARMASEE or third parties.

Act that infringes or may infringe the property, privacy rights or portrait rights of third parties.

Act that is in violation of public order and morality or laws and regulations.

Criminal act or involvement in a criminal act.

Use of the Platform by impersonating others or use of the Platform for commercial business without PHARMASEE's permission.

Act that sends harmful computer programs or files containing viruses.

Other acts that PHARMASEE considers to be inappropriate based on rational grounds such as an act of obstructing or hindering the operation of the Platform or the use of the Platform by others.

Prohibition and Suspension of Use of Service

If PHARMASEE considers that an event corresponding to any one of the following items has occurred, PHARMASEE may, based on its own discretion, prohibit or suspend the use of the Platform or take other necessary measures without notification to Users:

impairment or infringement of the reputation, credibility or privacy of PHARMASEE or third parties, or there is a possibility thereof;

infringement of the copyrights or other intellectual property rights of PHARMASEE or third parties, or there is a possibility thereof;

loss of, damage to or leakage of the Platform or data of PHARMASEE or third parties, or there is a possibility thereof;

unauthorized use of the User Name and the Password, or there is a possibility thereof;

an illegal act, an act of inciting or facilitating an illegal act, or an act that may result in such act;

an act of obstructing PHARMASEE from providing service to the Platform, or an act that may result in such act;

an act of obstructing or hindering the use of the Platform by a third party, or an act that may result in such act;

breach of the Terms and Conditions by a User;

a User had been prohibited from using the Service on grounds of previously breaching the Terms and Conditions or other explanatory notes prescribed by PHARMASEE;

other events based on which PHARMASEE considers necessary to prohibit or suspend the use of the Service or take other necessary measures.

If PHARMASEE takes measures against a User such as prohibiting or suspending the use of the Platform, PHARMASEE shall not be obligated to disclose the reason thereof to the User.


We own the copyright in the content published on the Platform except where otherwise indicated by a third party's proprietary notice. Images, trademarks and brands are also protected by other intellectual property laws and may not be reproduced or appropriated in any manner without written permission of their respective owners. Unless specifically prohibited by a notice published on any page, you may make a print copy of such parts of the Platform as you may reasonably require for your own personal use provided that any copy has attached to it any relevant proprietary notices and/or disclaimers. All other use is otherwise prohibited and no part of this website may be reproduced in any language, stored in or introduced into a retrieval Platform, or transmitted, in any form or by any means, without the prior written permission of PHARMASEE.

Copyrights in the texts, images, videos, music, voices and programs configuring the Platform and/or Service shall belong to PHARMASEE except those Content posted by User in PHARMASEE Community.

Users may not reprint, replicate, analyze, modify, translate, lease, sell, distribute or create derivative works in connection with the rights set out in the preceding paragraph without the approval of PHARMASEE or the author.


If a User infringes the rights of others (impair the reputation of others, infringe the privacy rights of others, disclose personal information of a third party without consent, violate the Copyright Act, etc.), User must settle the claim for such infringement at its own responsibility and expense, and PHARMASEE shall not take any measures or be responsible in any way.

PHARMASEE shall not take any measures or be responsible in any way for any direct or indirect damage suffered by Users or third parties arising from the loss or leakage of data by Users or the use of the Service for any purpose other than the intended purpose.

PHARMASEE shall not be liable in any way for any damage suffered by Users or third parties arising from the leakage, loss or falsification of information by a third party, unless it is resulting from PHARMASEE's willful act or gross negligence.

PHARMASEE shall not be liable in any way for any damage suffered by Users or third parties arising from the delay, suspension, change, termination, registration, prohibition of use, or suspension of use of the Platform and/or Service, unless it is resulting from PHARMASEE's willful act or gross negligence.

PHARMASEE shall not be liable in any way for any indirect, incidental, punitive or derivative damage arising in relation to the Platform and/or Service (including, but not limited to, the delay, non-performance or suspension of the Service).

PHARMASEE may change the contents of all or a part of the Platform or suspend the provision of the Platform and/or Service without prior notice to Users whenever it deems necessary; provided, however, that, PHARMASEE shall promptly notify Users to such effect.